About Gary's Cookbook

Gary's Cookbook is a so called component that extends the CMS-System Joomla!. (CMS, Content Management System, ). With the Cookbook recipes are categorised, managed and shown.. Recipes including recipeimages may be entered and changed directly on the cokkbook frontpage. Users may vote on and write comments on the recipes.

Both are free to use software under the GNU/GPL, General Public License. See below. The first version of Gary's Cookbook was released in year 2005 by Gerald Berger. At that time on the basis of Joomla! Version 1.0. From there the component was further developt and changed also keeping up to the changes in the Joomla! basic system. At this time the versions are based on the Joomla! version 1,5 It'is always a goal to take the installed Cookbook versions on user sites into account to make updates and upgrades as easy as possible.

Other extensions that makes sinn with the Cookbook are also supported. Of course the own extensions like the search plugin for Joomla! and the modul to show recipes/categories in so called module areas. But also multilingual support through the Joom!Fish joomfish_1.png extensin and Wikipedia conections with the Wikibot plugin. the support to the Security images to prevent spam is planned also for the Cookbook with Joomla! 1.5.



Free programs according to GNU/GPL does mean that you may make changes to suite your needs but not that you may remove copyright remarks. Please read the informations in the licence agrreemment. For the documentation parts is the GNU/FDL Free Documentation Licence verwendet.

GNU/GPLv3 bitte hier lesen und herunterladen : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

GNU/FDL bitte hier lesen und herunterladen: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.html


" Part of releasing a program under the GPL is writing a copyright notice in your own name (assuming you are the copyright holder). The GPL requires all copies to carry an appropriate copyright notice."




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