Cookbook Module Demo

You'll find some examples of using the Cookbook Multi Module from version 3.0.x in multiple instances on those pages. A requirement is the installation of the Component Gary's Cookbook 3.0.11 or above. The links to the cookbook recipes/categories are activated. Just click on the images/texts.
What you can do on your site depends also on your Joomla! template. You have to test it! The possibilites are not very restricted by the programm. It should be possible to scroll the categorymenu to the right, but really, who wants this?

Be aware that it might not work to use the same java-script function on a page more then once. You have to test it. Of course also valid for the Cookbook component. But you have more then one page on your site. Here you also can see how the module can be integrated into an article (content). You'll find a description under Help/Faq.

1. Scrolling recipes with thumbnails, to see on this page (left)
2. Recipe of the Day with normal image, to see on the pages of Gary's Cookbook
3. Slideshow with normal recipeimages, to see on the startpage
4. Slimbox (Lightbox) with normal recipeimages,, to see on this page (right 1.)
5. Scrolling Cookbook Categories - Horizontal with only text (below)
6. Cookbook Categories Menu, , to see on the startpage
7. Slimbox (Lightbox) with categoryimages, to see on this page (right 2.)
8. Slideshow with categoryimages, integrated into this article.



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