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EN Short Guide to installation GCB 3.X.x

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1. Webhost / Localhost
2. Joomla 1.5.x
3. Joomla Languages
4. Install Gary's Cookbook 3.X.x
5. Configure and activate Gary's Cookbook 3.X.x

1. You need a running Webhost, local or by a Host-Provider.

1.1 Basic System
Quated from help.joomla.org:
" To successfully install and use Joomla! you must have a fully operational web server (Apache is the optimum), a database (MySQL is the optimum) and the server side scripting language PHP together with specific modules that are activated within PHP for MySQL, XML, and Zlib functionality amongst others."

If you don't yet have this Environment, please install a LAMP (Linux System, Apache Webserver, MySQL Database and PHP Programming Language), a WAMP (Windows System, Apache Webserver, MySQL Database and PHP Programming Language) or XAMPP (A Windows-Package to easy install mostly a local Enviroment with - Apache Webserver, MySQL Database and PHP Programming Language)

Link to XAMPP: www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html

1.2 Database Tool
You should also have some Tool to manage and backup your Database. One wellknown Tool is the phpMyAdmin Scriptprogram that is called from your Browser. To be found on www.phpmyadmin.net/

1.3 Editor
To maually make changes to Files in the Joomla 1.5 Directories you'll need an Editor that handles Charactercode utf-8. All Files have to be saved with this Charactercode choosen. Inform yourself with what Editor you can work. If you don't find a suitable one, you have to search the Web for one, download and install. (To use an Editor that shows the Linenumbers is a good idea.)

If you are editing your Files on a Windows-XP System, you may use the simplest Editor in MS-Windows XP - Notepad -.
It'is able to save Files with utf-8 code.
I don't know if there is a simple Editor with UTF-8 available in all or most Linux-Distributions with UTF-8.

Please post your recommendations on Editors to the Forum!

2. Install Joomla 1.5.x

Download the actual Version:
Link www.joomla.com
or from the local Joomla-Community in your preferred Country.
(e.g. www.joomla.de for Germany)

To install Joomla 1.5 you will find Installation-Help on this Site:


Follow the Instructions and you will end up with a running Joomla-System.
After the installation you'll find important informations and links on the Administrators Page (Backend).

3. Install your preferred Joomla Languages if they were not included in the downloaded Installation.

You will find Language-Installation-Files on the Site of your local Joomla-Comunity.
(e.g. www.joomlaos.de ** german)

Open the Language Installation-Packages in the Joomla-Administration (Backend), Extensions -> Install/Uninstall and run it.

4. Install Gary's Cookbook 3.X.x

4.1 The Joomla-Contibutions from Gary's Cookbook are tested with so called LAMP-, XAMPP-, und WAMP-Systems, with the for Joomla recommended versions or newer and with current versions of Joomla with extensions. A downwardcompatibility can not be tested because of time- and technical-resources. It's recommended that you keep your system up to date also because of security reasons.

4.2 Downlod Gary's Cookbook 3.X.x Installation-Package from this Site: i.e. www.vb-dozent.de/
It's named something like "com_garyscookbook_3_X_y .zip"

*** Did you install the Joomla-Languages you want to use? ***

4.3 Open the Installation-Package in the Joomla-Administration (Backend), Extensions -> Install/Uninstall and run it.

It's ok if you get some errormesages about Languages you don't need! They are included in the Installation-File.
Or the Joomla-Languages are not included in the Cookbook-Installation-Package.
You can find more about Languages in the Languages Theme.

5. Configure and activate the Component Gary's Cookbook 3.X.x

Open the Component in the Joomla-Administration (Backend), Components -> Gary's Cookbook.
Choose Settings. Go through all Parameters of the Component to Customize your own Site.
Choose Category Manager from the Cookbook Main Menu and create your own Recipe-Categories.
Activate the Component under Extensions->Install/Deinstall->Components and add it to an active Menu in your Joomla-Frontpage. For help, please use the Joomla! Help Pages.

For other settings see "Tipps and Tricks / EN Configurate and Personalize"

!! Start adding your Recipes to your Cookbook!!

Good Luck and have fun!

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