Multilingual Cookbook with Joomla! 1.5 und above

Joomla 1.5 is multilingual in the way that a lot of languages may be found but it only works properly with one language. Users may have a login language but a lot of information are show in the default language or as from the users entered.

Well, you may find one or more solutions throgh the Joomla! extensions. One wellknown extension to handle multilingual support is Joom!Fish. This is also supported from Gary's Cookbook with so called Xml-files. Files describing the translation. You will find those in the downloadarea.

Here just a couple of informations that we find useful.

- To keep a site multilingual is hard work in time. The translations are not written automaticly. You could use some helpprogramms. But you still can't replace the manual work! This is not depending on the used softwaresystem.

- How to make the translations and what to translate has to be well organized.

e.g. Can one language be defaultlanguage? Which fields has to be translated?

With Joom!fish you should have a look in all xml-translationfiles. Also those delivered with the Joom!Fish extension. So you are able to the reduce your work and get a better systemperformance. The datenbasetable #__jf_content will not grow that fast.

Example 1: In contents.xml are the translationparameters for the Articles stored. Do you need to translate the datefields and other attributes?
publish_up 2006-01-03 01:00:00
publish_down 0000-00-00 00:00:00
attribs show_title= .....

After changes you must test the funktionality.


My short inroduction to mathematics: 

Let's say we have 50 fields in the table to translate. (almost true for the cookbook 3.1)

We want to translate 5 fields.

This makes a difference of 185 000 entries if you have 1000 records (recipes) in the original databasetable.


Used entries-> 1000 records (recipes) * 50 fields * 4 languages = 200 000

Alternative with one language as default and only needed fields:
Alternative-> 1000 records (recipes) * 5 fields * 3 languages = 15 000

200 000 - 15 000 = 185 000

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