3. Language-File Translation for Garys Cookbook 3.X.x , module and plug-in

More info on this Joomla-Link: http://dev.joomla.org/content/view/43/67/

Download a Language-Installation-File (english or german are best choises) from the download area - languages and extract the files to a new directory. Rename this directory to xx-YY_com_garyscookbook_3ZZ. Where xx-YY is your language code and ZZ the Cookbook Versionnumber.
Of course you may use another language as a start if more understandable! Be carefull to keep the included files apart. They have the same name! Change the name of the files in the admin and the site directory with the new language code. (xx-XX.com_garyscookbook.ini). Have a look in the Joomla! language directory to find the language codes. Joomla-Language-Directories of your Server. Something like ..../joomla/administrator/language/xx-XX/ for the Administrator-Languages
and ..../joomla/language/xx-XX/ for the Frontpage-Languages.

Open those files with your Editor. !!! Info on Editors in the tip Short Guide to installation GCB 3.X.x!!!

Change the language informations and the date in the first line.

# $Id: de-DE.com_garyscookbook.ini 8580 2007-12-15 11:31:18Z Joomla! German" $

If you like, add a line after the note-line with the name of the translator.
(# Translation : Billy the Kidd)
Change the Texts to the right of = When done save the files.

!!!Be sure to save the files with characterset UTF-8!!!

3.1 Change the install.xml file.

Open this file with your editor.

Change the language informations. English and en-GB to your language. Change the creation date. You may also change the author data.

Save the file. !! again with characterset utf-8!!

3.2 Create the Language-Installation-Package

Just pack the directory into a zipped file named like your directory. Or copy your changed files into the downloaded zip-file. Be sure to delete the old files. Rename this zip-file. Install your new language with the Joomla! installation procedure.

3.3 Upload your new translation.

Then please upload your new Language-Installation Files in the download area - languages of garyscookbook.de. Click on the button upload file up to the right and follow the instructions.

If there are new releases of the cookbook, the module or the plug-in please read the information on changes where you download the files. Then please change your translations and upload them like described above.

3.4 Module / Plug-in translations

The same procedure as for the component. The plug-in has two files to translate, the module only one placed as a site-file but also including the backend texts.

Many Thanks for your help!

The GCB Team


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