Multilingual with the component Joomfish!

The translation files (xml) are now available. With those you are able to translate the Cookbook and the comments. You'll find the file to download in the Downloadarea.

As answer on a question in the Forum:

Extract the file and load it into the Joomla!-directory:


For dokumentation please visit the Joom!fish site.





Recommendation! Do not start with translations before you have good knowledge of Joomla!. You should know Joomla! and also be able to deal with the work with the translations. The translations need a lot of time if you have a dynamic site. i.e. if the content is changing!

If you also translate other Joomla! parts be aware that you should check all the XML-files. Otherwise you'll end up with a table #__jf_content with millions of not needed entries and a very slow system. But carefully test it.WeI already have had some problems with the "standard"-xml's

My short inroduction to mathematics:

Let's say we have 50 fields in the table to translate. (almost true for the cookbook 3.1)

We want to translate 5 fields.

This makes a difference of 185 000 entries if you have 1000 recipes in the original databasetable.

Used entries-> 1000 recipes * 50 fields * 4 languages = 200 000

Alternative with one language as default and only needed fields:
Alternative-> 1000 recipes * 5 fields * 3 languages = 15 000

200 000 - 15 000 = 185 000,

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