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Plug-In Content-WikiBot

1. With this Plug-In you may easily create Links from your recipes to the the free Encyclopedia WikiPedia. i.e.. with special brackets like [Parsley]] you'll create a link to the explanation of Parsley. The Links are also available in the Recipe-Pdf-File.

2. To test the Wiki functionality please visit the Homepage of Gary's Cookbook at
From the Categoryview choose e.g. the recipe (german) : Hauptgerichte -> Geburtstagsbraten. Click on the links in the text to get to Wikipedia.

3. Download available on:
Choose the most actual Wikibot2 Version under Joomla 1.5. Or search Internet for another Download-Site.
Download and install the Plug-In as described in the Installation Theme.

4. To configure the Plugin, on the Administrator-Pages choose Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Content - Wikibot

Edit the Configuration of the Plug-in.

Do not forget to activate the Plug-In.

6. Short introduction related to the Cookbook



Check for updates


WikiBot 2 - for Joomla! 1.5 in version 2.3.a

Install, configure and publish this plugin to put it into work.

As the Joomla! plugin installation does not support installation of a frontendlanguage, you have to install those separately. The english, german and swedish .ini files are included in the download. If you know how you can extract the one you need and upload it to your server. Otherwise look for an installation package.

A simple plugin (bot), to create a Wikitagged link to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. The login language is used if not otherwise configured. i.e. as an example multilingual sites with Joom!Fish activated take the choosen language into account.
Priority order: 1. Your own Wiki (e.g. /url... or http://url...) 2. The default language (e,g, en for english Wikipedia, de for german and sv for swedish) 3. The login/choosen language.

You have to try it out to get to know the possibilities,

Examples how to 'wikitag' your text

You have to replace the ! with [ and ] in your own texts. Wikibot is hera active and changes the Wikitaggs to links.!

Words examples:
In your text: My ingredient is !!Onion!!
Output: My ingredient is Onion.
In your text: !!Titanic (1997 film)|Titanic!! is a good movie.
Output: Titanic is a good movie.

WikiSite examples: [[wiktionary:, [[wikiquote:, [[wikisource:, [[wikinews:, [[wikibooks: !!!
In your text: My ingredient is !!wiktionary:Onion!!
Output: My ingredient is Onion.

New Window examples: [[nw: & |nw: !!!
In your text: My ingredient is !!nw:Onion!!.
In your text: My ingredient is !!wiktionary:Onion|nw:Onion!!.
Output: target=_blank is added to the link, this results always in a new window if clicked.

Include Wikipedia article into your text: [[inc:
In your text: !!inc:Onion!!.
Output: The whole 'Onion' article will bee fetched and included in the Joomla! article or other contents with Wikibot support.


Version History:

* 2.3a Multilingual support added to the plugin itself and to the wikipedia links, thanx to Ove Eriksson

* 2.2a Fixed Wikitablesupport in [[inc:, thanx to Kamil Kosiba

* 2.1a Alpha release of [[inc:...

* 2.0 Joomla 1.5 Support only! No Joomla Language support yet (Fish)!



GCB Finder PlugIn

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