Images, Text and the Cookbook

Here you will find information's around images and text for the Cookbook.
The information is provided without warranty, while the copyrights are unfortunately different from country to country.
But there are also similarities. eg pictures, works of art (including documents), music and computer programs are protected by international copyright.

Free translation from the original in german.


The laws are different in different countrys. If you have an international site you should be extra careful For a national site you should inform yourself about the rules. The EC-countries doesn't even have a coordinated handling of those issues.

In Germany it's possible to get rich just by having some people to use an image of a tomato!

One example is Marions Kochbuch:

In this fillm iit's described. If you understand some german, have a look at:



Thanks for the tip. This might help other users of the Cookbook.

Be extremly careful if you allow recipes to be entered by not known users Passt with image upload. YOU are responsible for the images presented in the Cookbook on your site.



You are right. But that is german law. And I'm sorry we have to follw them at least a bit.

I have written a text in another Forum. A TV-Program had a report on image rights. (Copyright)

e.g. do you know that it's not allowed to use your own passport-image on the web. The copyright has the photographer.


The law should be written to protect the people and not to make other persons rich. It should not be possible, that an image of a tomato used on a private homepage makes a compensation in thousends of € possible. The demage is valued higher than hard criminality.




DFrench wrote,

(Just a little bit adjusted.)

Please read the the tips in "Be carefull with images used in the Cookbook".

If you need an image and can't create one at that moment, I recommend to have a look at Wikipedia and the wikipedia Cookbooks. You'll find a lot of images with a quality enough for your Cookbook.
You can use those images withou problems. A note in the Cookbooknotes and a link to the creator is mostly enough.


Comment by over: You have to be carefull also with the licences on Wikipedia. The images have a lot of different licences. This is a science of it own. The images are mostly not free to use. You should allways take the time to have a look in the licenceagreement.

If you have your own images and don't want anyone to use them as free available ...forget the different tools html, php,cgi-tools that prevents a rightclick... a Screenshot-tool makes the same work.

Better is to change the image and use a watermark,. You can find tools, also frreware, that does this for you.
I use Adobe Photoshop, that can do (almost) anything..
I have my own watermark-psd-file on the domain Domain. You may downlod it and change it to your needs. Change the text in the layers and done.

I always use the size 350 x 350 pixel for the Cookbook. The tumbnails are always 80 x 60 pixel, to keep them with the same height.


Comment by over: I think the imagesize is somewhat depending on your own the sitelayout. 350x350 pixelcould be a good start. But I don't absolutly agrre with the thumnailsize 80 x 60 pixel. That would mean you have to create all your thumbnails manually and could not use the functionality to create thumbnails in the backend. If you set the width in the configuration to 80, youl get an image 80x80 from your 350x350 image and have different heghts for your manually created and the automaticly created thumbnails. If you allow imageuploads you have the same problem. But here you'll never know what size is uploaded and is not solvable without manual changes.

On garyscookbook you can find categorie images with different heghts.

garyscookbook has those values the configuration:
Qualitity always 75
Image width 200

(Extra images not used
Extra images width 120
Maximum width 150 (Extra images))

Category images width 120
Thumbnail width 100


In Photoshop you find scripts that create watermarked images in complete file paths That is easy to create hundreds of images with a watermark.
An example...


Here the link : (copy the link and insert in your browser. done) Watermark1_final.psd

Have fun protecting your own work on images!

I will not translate this because it is to much related to Germany and the laws are different in all countries. But I think it's more or less the same problem in every country.

In short:

You are responsible for everything on your site! (Comment: see also the images problems). Also for the texts created by visitors in Forums/Bloggs. In Germany you have to view everything in a very short time. i.e. you are never able to have a few days vacation and you can forget the week!. And its not cheap if thera are som not acceptable texts on your site.

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