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Other tips about Gary's Cookbook.

If you upgrade from an older version of Joomla! / Gary's Cookbook you might want to use old extensions in the new enviroment. Then you can activate the so called Joomla! legacy mode.

BUT --> This is not THE solution. It might work or might not. You have to thoroughly test every
extension if it still works. Extensions manupulating the Html-code are probably NOT working!
Please do not look for problemreasons in native solutions like the Cookbook in the first place!

A small module for the footer that is multilingual. It's an extension and substitute to the Joomla! standardmodule mod_footer. Here on garyscookbook.de it's used to show the standardlines plus the html-formatted licenseinformation in the pagefooter-area.If you are interested you'll find the module in the download area to the known conditions. As it's not Cookbookrelevant, you'll find it under Other downloads.

Install the module the normal way. In the moduleconfiguration you decide what to show. Line 1, line 2 and/or the html-formatted additional text. Line 1 and Line 2 are defined and translated in the normal languagefiles xx-XX.mod_gkbfooter.ini. The html-formatted additional text in the files xx-XX_footertext.php in the moduledirectory.

Then activate and put it into a modulearea.


GCB Finder PlugIn

GCB Random Image Modul

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