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Request and a small typo error

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13 Jahre 6 Monate her #2764 von Kokkekniven
Request and a small typo error wurde erstellt von Kokkekniven
Hi there,
First let me thank you for this great component. It does almost exactly what i need and want :-)

I found a small typo error in the footer.

I guess it should link to this site, but there is an o to much in garyscookbook, so it actually says garyscookboook.de
Just letting you know.

My questions are the following:

I have divided my categories up in meat -> veal, beef and so on, but is it possible to get rid of how many recipes there are in the main category, because it will always say 0, know that I only have recipes in the subcategories?

Will there be a feature in the future, where you can select multiple categories?

An example would be a gaspacho - its a cold soup and from spain so 2 categories here would be great.

How about a feature were registred users can "save" their favorite recipes and have easy access to them.

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