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Plugin for Xmap - sitemap

9 Jahre 1 Monat her #5196 von walturbo
Plugin for Xmap - sitemap wurde erstellt von walturbo
Hello everyone,
as you well know, to work well a site must submit to "google webmaster tools" their own sitemap. Years ago I found a plugin for my Xmap installed on Joomla! 1.5, but it never worked. My site has been as successful without a good indexing on google searches ... but if he had also the integration of Xmap would certainly rose in the charts on Alexa, and many users would find easily in my recipes all the best search engines. I therefore ask you, if ever possible, to create a plugin for Xmap or integrate into Gary's Cookbook itself a generator of xml to be submitted to google webmaster tools (but also bing and other search engines). It does not seem a difficult thing to do, just follow the standard xml sitemap for ... but you certainly will know more than me! Thanks for your patience

Walter :side:

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